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Home Redesign and Staging Consultants

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​We stage vacant homes and newly constructed homes.  Staging a home for sale has become the norm in the Real Estate market.  Staging gives a prospective buyer a better understanding of a home's design potential.  A buyer can see how well furniture can fit into the home they are considering, and staging a home gives it a homey feel.  Empty homes can feel cold and uninviting.


At Perception Is Everything we work closely with real estate investors, individual homeowners and area Realtors.  We have developed a new way of staging homes that saves our client's money and speeds up the selling process.

You, the homeowner, are a big part of the equation. If you are willing to invest a little sweat equity into the redesign of your home we can save you thousands of dollars.

We give you professional design services, organization tools and real estate experience all tied up in one nice package.

We can showcase the finest features of your home and downplay things that might be less appealing. We will show you proper placement of furniture along with easy and inexpensive fixes for problem areas.

We work with a homeowner's own furnishings and decor, re-arranging and restyling to bring out the home's best features. Then we augment the design with our updated accessories.

We provide a personalized plan for the redesign of the home - no cookie cutter designs here - all at considerable savings to the seller.